How does ordering cookies from you work?  Most of the time you can order anything that is pictured on my site and within the delivery window – always posted on my home page – your cookies will be available to pick up at my home. I will always try to be accommodating to your schedule.

What is the difference between Anytime-sale vs. Pre-Sale schedules?  Anytime Sales are an item you can order anytime with a delivery schedule typically three to six days. The Anytime Cookies Schedule will always be posted on my home page.  Pre-Sales are Holiday events where you will place an order and select the pickup date. This allows me to make more cookies with a few scheduled pick-up dates close to the Holiday. I’ll always be flexible so reach out to me via email or put a note on your order if you need a special date and I’ll see if I can accommodate you.

Why does it take so long for your cookies to be ready?  I will always make your cookies after you order them, so they are fresh and delicious.  I typically have dough made, in my freezer, but to decorate my cookies takes time. My cookies need12-24 drying time after the final layer of decorations have been added before I can heat seal them for you. Thank you for your patience!

Do you make special dietary recipe cookies?  I am currently not taking special orders for dietary restrictions.

Why can’t you ship your cookies to me? I have an Illinois Cottage Food license that restricts me from shipping my cookies.

Do you have a separate pick-up closer to the Chicago suburbs?  Yes! I will have a pick-up in the suburbs for all Holiday Pre-Sale orders. I will post on my Instagram account and send an email to my subscribers when and where that location is determined.

Do you do custom orders? Currently, I am not doing custom orders.

How long do your cookies stay fresh? In their heat-sealed bags, my cookies will be delicious for at least a week left out at room temperature.

Can I freeze your cookies? Yes! If you freeze my cookies, put the heat-sealed packages in an airtight container before freezing. To thaw, remove the container from the freezer and leave it on the counter WITHOUT OPENING IT until all the cookies have come to room temperature.  If you sneak a cookie during this time the other cookies could get condensation and the decorations will run. That would be sad. I’ll always include a freezing tip sheet with my cookie orders.